Helps you write buyer-attracting copy
Ray Wood said, "...You win an awesome listing then get bogged down in the detail of writing ad copy.
This used to happen to me all the time and I'd end up burning daylight trying to come up with something fresh and new.
I only wish I'd had this book in my tool kit!"
Agents are never lost for words when speaking with clients, but when you sit in front of a computer to write copy for a new listing, what happens? 

I made this package ridiculously affordable, so you can write copy in a snap.
What’s inside . . .
  • There’s quick one liners for all your bullet points
  • Loads of sentences and phrases for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Descriptions of views, neighbourhoods, beach outlooks
  • Hundreds of killer headlines
  • Tons of ways to describe modern homes, traditional homes, renovators
  • Stacks of kitchen copy
  • Outdoor areas will also be a breeze to describe
  • Oh, and one more thing – a glossary of architectural terms!
Decisive agents will recognise a good thing when they see it (AND MANY OF YOU WILL KNOW THIS IS THE MISSING INGREDIENT LACKING IN YOUR TOOLS OF THE TRADE)

I’m proud of this product, and my mission is to save your time, and attract more buyers to your listings.
“Whatever you need to do to get Karen Hutton’s Agent’s Copy Bible, Just Do it! One thing I always love is how GREAT COPY really elevates an agent’s personal brand and marketing influence. I’ve just read Karen’s ‘Bible’ and I wish I’d written it.”
“It’s f*#!ing awesome and it’s going to make me look like a wordsmith and SAVE ME HOURS with every new listing!
Thanks Karen.”
Well since Karen’s my wife of course I have to say something good. In all honesty though, this is simply a great product that every single Principal needs for their office. It’s easy to use, and there’s something for everyone – even your Property Management department will benefit.”

If the Agent’s Copy Bible doesn’t match what I’ve described, or if you’re unhappy with the product, just let me know and you’ll get your money back.

PS: Some clients may have purchased the ‘Property Blurb Library’ previously.
This product contains some of the Blurb Library, plus there’s plenty more in there to keep you in copy heaven!

Who is Karen Hutton?
Karen's been writing since she could read. First book - The Roly Poly Puppy (aaaaaaw!) Karen put this together to help you get to the next level in your real estate career.

It's for everyone - sales and property management professionals will now write copy for new listings with ease (great for Instagram and Facebook too!)
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